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    How to pay by mobile

  • How can I pay via my mobile operator bill?
  • Do I need to register to pay via my mobile operator bill?
  • Where can I pay by mobile?
  • How can I use mobile payment?
  • Questions regarding the Service Center

  • What does the Mobile Payments Service Center do?
  • What can I do here on this website?
  • How can I get in touch with you?
  • How to log in and view your payments

  • What do I require to manage my mobile payments online?
  • Do I need to register or create a user account to view my payments?
  • Which phone number do I need to enter?
  • I did not receive a PIN code.
  • I am unable to log in.
  • How to manage your payments

  • A past transaction does not show up in the overview.
  • I would like to cancel a subscription.
  • Questions regarding consumer protection and limits

  • Are there any set limits regarding how much I can pay via my mobile carrier bill?
  • I would like to deactivate payment via mobile operator bill for a particular phone number. What do I have to do?
  • Questions regarding the service provider

  • What does a service provider do?
  • How do I contact the responsible service provider?